Jose Gonzalez Releases Lovely New Single 'Every Age,' High-Tech Video

Courtesy Mute Records
Jose Gonzalez

Take a trip to the moon (or lower orbit) with the quiet bard.

Fresh off his lead position cover of "This Is How We Walk on the Moon" from the Arthur Russell covers compilation Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell, the hush and heavy Jose Gonzalez has released the first single and video, "Every Age," from his forthcoming Vestiges + Claws. The song, like much of his new record, is a quiet, acoustic thesis around the shared mystery of humanity.

The accompanying video comes in two flavors, standard (below) and an interactive 360° experience you can see here. The treatment serves double duty, as a humbling visual accompaniment to Gonzalez's new work and, to the videographers, a "realization that we are a fragile blue ball filled with life floating in the void and darkness space," meant to "give everyone the opportunity to roam space freely using a unique video capturing technique." Rad!