Watch Mat Kearney's Drone-Shot, Single-Take 'Heartbeat' Video: Exclusive

For the first video off Mat Kearney's upcoming forth studio album, Just Kids, the singer/songwriter says he was obsessed with the idea of making it with drone technology. So he shot the entire "Heartbeat" clip in the Los Angeles River bed in just a single take, he says, "with this crazy helicopter drone flying around our heads."

Turns out, it wasn't such an easy task. 

Shooting with a flying robot without any stops wasn't the only bit of risky behavior necessary to pull off the shoot. Set at the busy 4th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, famous for films like Grease, Transformers, Terminator 2 and Anchorman, Kearney had to avoid live traffic and manage rushing in a car from the top of the bridge to the bottom in only a few minutes. (There were several takes where he didn't make it in time.)

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"It took a tremendous amount of planning and choreography to make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time," he says. "After I sang the first verse on the bridge we had to drive like bank robbers to get down to the riverbed in time for me to make the last scene. We thought it would be really cool to shoot the video with a group of dancers almost like an urban 1990's Grease performance. Finally when we pulled off a few takes, and I watched the playback I was blow away with how much life and heart the video had." 

Watch it here, and stick around to catch some behind the scenes footage showing how hectic it was pulling this off over the end credits:

Kearney's Just Kids follows 2011's Young Love, which topped the Billboard Digital and Christian Albums charts and hit No. 4 on the Billboard 200. His singles "Nothing Left to Lose," "Ships in the Night" and "Closer to Love" have all broken the Hot 100 as well.