Exclusive Premiere: Kevin Devine's 'Groundhog Day' Channeling Video 'She Can See Me'

Kevin Devine
Bad Timing Records

Kevin Devine

After releasing five albums, Kevin Devine decided to fund his next one on Kickstarter. He asked for $50,000, but made that amount in just 8 hours, unexpectedly ending up with $114,805. Some artists might blow all the dough on one extra-expensive album, but not Devine. To reward fans who had more than doubled his money, he gave them twice the material: a pair of simultaneously released albums, Bulldozer and Bubblegum.

In the amusing video, the landlord comes pounding on Devine's door, looking for the rent, so the singer scoots out the window and embarks on a series of adventures. Jordan Noel, who calls Devine his "Brooklyn boy muse," served as director. "It's somewhat rare to work with folks who are so up-for-whatever and willing to do whatever I want them to do," Noel says, "whether it be hanging halfway out of the window of a Brooklyn apartment or... being manhandled by a werewolf-arm-wearing dude he's never met in a basement apartment." Devine and Noel "shot it completely run-and-gun, no permissions or anything."

The videos mirror the duality of the song: each version of the track has its own video, and the two videos are "meant to loop into infinity, each ending as the beginning of the other...It has a bit of a Groundhog Day feel."

The fan support and the clever video ideas have worked out well for Devine: Bubblegum and Bulldozer both charted on the Billboard 200, at No. 133 and No. 143 respectively -- the highest chart positions of Devine's career so far. You can pre-order the new single here.

Devine just announced a co-headlining winter tour with Into It. Over It., featuring support from Laura Stevenson. Check out the dates here.