Imogen Heap Talks Working With Taylor Swift: 'I Assumed She Didn't Write Much of Her Music'

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift performs live in Times Square on Good Morning America on October 30, 2014.

1989 is out, which means behind-the-scenes details about the recording process with Taylor Swift are pouring in.

Recently, Imogen Heap (who co-wrote the emotional ballad "Clean," the album closer) wrote a blog post about her day working with Swift. And for fans of either singer, it's a great peek into how a collaboration comes together. 

Heap praises the experience, but shares, "I have to be honest here and say that I ever so slightly had not done my homework on Taylor Swift but had done what I HATE others do of me, which is to pre-judge a person based on assumptions. I had assumed Taylor didn't write too much of her own music (as is the case with many young, extremely successful artists these days who sell a shed load of records), and was likely puppeteered by an aging gang of music executives."

Yeah, she was wrong. Elsewhere in the post, Heap shares how quickly "Clean" came together, and what a positive experience the whole thing was. They even had tea!

"Felt I wanted to share the experience, as it was a special one. I've also been reading the odd report or tweet here and there that the reason the lyrics to 'Clean' are so good is because I wrote the song with her but FOR SURE they are all hers she deserves all the credit!"

Courtesy of Imogen Heap
A polaroid of Imogen Heap and Taylor Swift