Watch Fall Out Boy Perform 'Centuries' Live With Suzanne Vega

Fall Out Boy on the Today Show
Peter Kramer/NBC

Music group Fall Out Boy appears on NBC News' "Today" show on June 20, 2014. 

The Fall Out Boy dudes have been making some new friends recently. First was Rick Ross, cameoing in the video for "Centuries," the band's first new music since their 2013 reunion album, Save Rock and Roll.

And now, with a performance on Ellen, Fall Out Boy are hanging with Suzanne Vega. You know, the singer behind "Tom's Diner," the song that "Centuries" samples? See it recreated live here, with the real-life Vega instead of an iTunes track on repeat:

It makes sense that Fall Out Boy are making all these pals, though -- Ellen says they're "some of the nicest people in music." She and frontman Patrick Stump seem to be tight, considering that Ellen recently announced the birth of Stump and Elisa Yao's baby on Twitter:

After the quick success of "Centuries," Fall Out Boy released "Immortals," a song that will appear in the upcoming Disney film Big Hero 6: