Watch Joan Jett, Sia, Others Sing 'Bad Reputation' For Women's Rights in Midterm Elections

Emily Berl
Joan Jett, on the set of her "Any Weather" video shoot in Sun Valley, CA

Joan Jett has teamed with an ensemble cast of collaborators to get out the vote for women's rights in next week's midterm elections, showing them singing along to her hit "Bad Reputation." 

The video features SiaCarrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney and Portlandia, Lesley GoreCass McCombs, Alexa ChungEleanor Friedberger, cast members from Fox's New Girl and many others, and is intercut with informative bits such as "100% of senate Republicans voted against the paycheck fairness act" and "the most regressive anti-equality laws are being passed at the state level."

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The YouTube page also includes other "terrifying facts" including, "29 States in America allow a rapist to sue a women for custody and/or visitation of the child birthed from that rape," "87% of all US Counties have no abortion provider" and "26 states have waiting periods for abortion; only 11 have waiting periods for guns." 

Jett closes the clip saying, "There are candidates running for office this November who have backwards views on women's rights. If you care about our right to control our own bodies, and our own paychecks then get yourself out to the polls this November 4th and vote, and bring your friends." 

Midterm elections across the country are next week on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Watch the clip below and for a full list of its contributors and more information, head to its YouTube page