Exclusive: Major League Premieres Revealing New Album 'There's Nothing Wrong With Me'

Major League
No Sleep Records

Major League

New Jersey pop-punk kids Major League are back with a new frontman and a new album.

On sophomore effort There’s Nothing Wrong With Me (out Nov. 4 on No Sleep Records), some things remain the same, like the band’s raw energy and driving guitar riffs. What’s new is guitarist Brian Joyce taking over vocal duties and adding a new, deeply personal aspect to the band.

Billboard presents an exclusive early listen to There’s Nothing Wrong With Me:

"I've spent the past 20 years of my life living with chemical imbalances and depression, trying to understand who I am, why I am, where I am and where I'm going,” Joyce says, remarking on the themes of the new album. “There's Nothing Wrong With Me is an understanding of myself, for myself, and anyone who may be living with the same self-handicaps. The recording process for this album has done more emotionally and mentally, than any pill or shrink.”

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On tracks like the acoustic “Montreal,” Joyce gets especially personal, linking his condition to his family relations. A line like, “Mama I’m so sorry if this breaks your heart, but genetically this child was cursed from the start,” is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the sort of sentiment Joyce needed to forge his own identity as a frontman.

And Major League is still fun -- personal subjects aside, the Will Yip-produced album still rocks like its 2012 predecessor Hard Feelings.

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The band is currently on Mayday Parade’s Honeymoon Tour, along with Tonight Alive and PVRIS. They’re currently on the Canadian leg (performing tonight in Winnipeg, Manitoba) and they’ll be back in the States come November. The tour wraps Nov. 14 in Orlando, Fla.

Pre-orders for the new album are available here.