Taylor Swift's 13 Best Liner Note Secret Messages -- So Far

Taylor Swift
Christopher Polk/ACMA2014/Getty Images for ACM

Taylor Swift attends the 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

We know these all too well.

Gather round, Taylor Swift fans.

We're in the home stretch until her new album, 1989, drops Monday (Oct. 27), which means we are likely also just a few days away from the official reveal of more Taylor Swift Secret Message Liner Notes, a most joyous occasion.

Taylor Swift Releases Official '1989' Track List

As fans know, in the printed out lyrics in the CD booklet, Swift leaves "secret" messages sprinkled in each of the songs lyrics, capitalizing certain letters to spell out a certain word or phrase. Some of them let us in on the Life Philosophy of Swift ("I love you doesn't count after goodbye"), some drive home certain emotions, and some are used as fans' most concrete clues for a hint about whom the song may be inspired by.

Below, check out 13 (Swift's favorite number, natch) of our favorite liner note messages from the singer's first four albums, uncovered by putting sequential capitalized letters together. Is there a potential tale Spy Swift is trying to communicate with us?  

12. DATE NICE BOYS ("Picture to Burn," Taylor Swift)
A song about a cheating ex gives Swift a perfect excuse to impart some wisdom to her younger fans. 

11. GOD BLESS ANDREA SWIFT ("The Best Day," Fearless)
Taylor's mom is named Andrea, so this is an obvious, sweet tribute (also: use this as evidence any time a hater claims Swift just writes about guys). Just watch the video and try not to cry. 

9. MOVED OUT IN JULY ("Never Grow Up," Speak Now)
Taylor may now be an adult woman with cats welcoming us all to New York City, but once upon a time (2010) Swift was celebrating moving into her first very own place. Who can't relate to Swift's chorus about wishing to go back to when you were little and things weren't quite so hard? 

8. SOME DAY I'll FIND THIS ("Love Story," Fearless)
Meet Taylor Swift the Love Optimist: On her most fairy tale-worthy track, of course the accompanying message is one of confidence and belief in love. 

7. HYANNIS PORT ("Everything Has Changed," Red)
I spy a Kennedy. 

5. If YOU PLAY THESE GAMES WE'RE BOTH GOING TO LOSE ("Forever And Always," Fearless)
Swift makes it a policy not to name names, but in the early days, she was a bit more open, telling People (amongst others) that this tune was a last-minute Fearless addition inspired by her recent phone dumping by Joe Jonas. 

4. FOREVER AND ALWAYS ("Last Kiss," Speak Now)
If you accept number five as true, then it follows that the secret message of "Last Kiss" continues the same story. 

2. YOU THOUGHT I WOULD FORGET ("Better Than Revenge," Speak Now)
There are many things fans think about Swift, but assuming Swift would forget something doesn't seem likely. Woman is totally the type to keep multiple diaries. Watch out, women who date guys after her. 

1. MAPLE LATTES ("All Too Well," Red)
We're just saying: Google the phrase "maple lattes" and the first images to appear are paparazzi shots of Jake Gyllenhaal and Swift on a walk, with Swift carrying some kind of coffee-esque beverage. Well played, Ms. Swift. Never change.