Taylor Swift on 'Ellen': Her Biggest Fears and Adam Levine's Big Weakness

Taylor Swift, 2014.
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Taylor Swift makes an exclusive daytime appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on October 27, 2014.

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In the other clip, Ellen asks the singer about her fears. She finds sea urchins particularly terrifying -- "you could lose your foot, you could lose your hand, you could lose your hand trying to get it off of your foot," she says. She's also "scared of getting framed." "So many people would frame me," she continued. "And they can frame you for any crime that you could go to jail for. Look at me, I wouldn’t survive in jail!"

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Ellen didn't buy it though. "I think you’re fine," she said. "I think you would have fans in prison and they would take care of you."