Kanye West Applauds Teyana Taylor for 'Fighting the Entire System'

Kanye West, 2014.
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Kanye West performs live for fans at Qantas Credit Union Arena on September 12, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

Teyana Taylor got plenty of praise from label head Kanye West at her album release party in Hollywood on Tuesday night. "There's never been someone on the label who's had to take something into their hands quite as much as this girl had to do," said Kanye. "So I really want y'all to give her credit for fighting against the entire system." Taylor's major label debut, VII, is out Nov. 4. Watch the video of 'Ye's speech for Taylor below.

Kanye wanted to make sure he was giving Taylor the proper respect that her release deserved. "Sometimes I be a little bit less expressive because mother----ers wanna Michael Jackson me to death and sh-- and act like I don’t do nothing positive and attack me," he noted. "So I be scared to turn up. If you remember with Pusha T [who released My Name Is My Name with help from West last year], I turned up and everybody thought I was crazy. Then he came out and did that buck-twenty and n---as were like, 'Aw, man. Maybe the sh-- was good.'"

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"Teyana provides something that's so R&B, so black, so 'hood, so missing, so necessary in the marketplace," he continued. "Mother----ers wanted to drop Big Sean, mother----ers wanted to drop Teyana and mother----ers wanted to drop Pusha. Everybody always wanna be late or mother----in' drop somebody and sh-- and not believe in somebody all the way through... this is about artistry and fighting for artists to get their visions out."

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He finished with another statement of support. "I'm just really proud to see her tonight dropping her album, cause we had to fight for this shit... I felt like I had to just turn up a little bit, f--- it."