Surprise Sleater-Kinney Song Stokes Reunion Hopes

Sleater-Kinney, 2005.
Courtesy of Sub Pop

Sleater-Kinney, 2005.

Nine years have passed since Sleater-Kinney released The Woods and called it quits. Now, it seems the trio may be getting back together. Yes, get very excited.

Stereogum has uploaded an Instagram video featuring a few seconds of a new Sleater-Kinney song called "Bury Our Friends." They're reporting the new song comes on a blank 7" record with "1/20/15" etched into the grooves. If a new album is coming January 20, 2015, there's only one thing we hate about that -- it's not soon enough.

This news has fans justifiably salivating. The band's last album, 2005's The Woods, was easily one of the strongest efforts in their top-notch discography. And given that Carrie Brownstein has become something of a crossover celebrity thanks to Portlandia, the indie favorites could be bigger than ever this time around.