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Isle Of 'Exile'

AudioAudioslave guitarist Tom Morello is unabashedly confident about the prospects for the band's sophomore Interscope/Epic album, "Out of Exile." Instead of his usual recording modus operandi of walking into the studio with "20 great riffs," he relied on spontaneity and eliminated self-censorship when recording his guitar parts.

The result was "the craziest I have been on any record," Morello says. "It was a little bit scary, to not have that security blanket but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the kind of ideas that were coming up were just as exciting or more exciting than music we've made before."

Among the tracks about which he's most excited are: "'Your Time Has Come' is a ferocious rocking anthem; 'Doesn't Remind Me' is very different from anything we've ever done before and combines a sweetness and brutality rarely mixed together in a song; 'Out of Exile' is a huge riff rocker mixed with almost a Civil War melody; and 'The Worm' is probably the heaviest track on the record."

First single "Be Yourself" has already reached No. 1 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. The group will be on the road throughout the summer.