Happy Birthday, Zac Efron: Here are 7 of His Best Musical Moments

Zac Efron
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Zac Efron in "High School Musical."

Show of hands: Who would purchase a Zac Efron album?

Everyone who saw the High School Musical films or Hairspray knows what a great idea this is for the actor. In honor of Efron's 27th birthday today, Billboard is looking back over some of our favorite musical moments in those films, and keeping our fingers crossed we'll get to see the actor sing again -- either on another movie soundtrack or a straight album -- before too long.

7. "Right Here Right Now"
Let's kick things off with a romantic number from High School Musical 3 -- if your idea of romance is hanging out in a magical tree house where a roof can open up to the sky at any moment while you sing a duet ballad. Which, apparently, is Troy Bolton's ultimate fantasy. 

6. "Without Love"
The Hairspray movie was great because it was well aware of how goofy so many of the numbers from the show were. By leaning into that, the film was able to create something that was fun to watch, and viewers could laugh with it, not at it. And when you need someone to lend some credibility to an otherwise goofy moment, Efron is your guy. Look at his intensity as he sings to a picture! This isn't Hogwarts: Why is the picture singing back to him!?

5. "Work This Out"
High School Musical 2 tends to be the forgotten one of the franchise, which is really too bad. In addition to powerhouse Efron solo numbers -- which we'll get to in a minute! -- the made-for-tv-sequel also gave Efron and Co. plenty of chances to show off dorky dance moves. Exhibit A:

4. "Breaking Free"
Like we wouldn't include this iconic duet from the first film. Note: We're only including this song from the original HSM film -- and not other faves like "All In This Together" or "Get'cha Head In The Game" -- because as wonderful as Efron was in those performances, it likely wasn't his real voice. Yes, we're Troy Bolton Voice Truthers here. 

3. "Ladies Choice"
Zac Efron was such a perfect Link Larkin in Hairspray. Is it suddenly really hot in here, or? 

2. "Scream"
Pure emotion, this High School Musical 3 showstopper debuted Efron at his most passionate. Who among us hasn't wanted to break into a high school at night and tear down a giant poster of ourselves? So relatable. Stay for all the homages to Michael Jackson's own iconic "Scream" video. 

1. "Bet On It"
In what reality would the cheesiest number of the whole High School Musical franchise not be Efron's number 1 music moment? What's your favorite Efron shot in this number: Is it when he sings to his own reflection in the pond? Is it when he frestyles on a golf course? Shakes sand out of his open jazz hands? The actual only correct answer is the part (at 3:02) when he sets to music whatever the Disney Channel version of 'f--- it' is and performs a heretofore unseen type of movement involving spining, jumping and plenty of prancing. 

Hope your birthday is as joyful as these musical numbers, Zac.


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