U2 Talks iTunes Album Release in Facebook Q&A: 'Oops'

Tim Cook and U2, 2014.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook greets the crowd with U2 singer Bono (2nd R) as The Edge (2nd L) and Larry Mullen Jr look on during an Apple special event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on September 9, 2014 in Cupertino, California. 

To celebrate the physical release of their new album Songs of Innocence, U2 sat down to answer questions posed by fans -- and detractors -- on Facebook.

The Edge gave a humorous introduction to the session. "It's gonna be very hard to get Larry [Mullen Jr.] to say anything at all," he joked, while also noting, "It's gonna be hard for Bono to stop talking." He continued, "I'm gonna answer anything, but I will not be divulging what strings I use or my favorite echo pedals."

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Unsurprisingly, a disgruntled fan asked Bono a question that came off as more of a statement: "Can you please never release an album on iTunes that automatically downloads to peoples playlists ever again? It's really rude." This illicited a deep sigh and a lengthy response from U2's frontman.

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Mostly, though, the Q&A stayed light in tone. One person asked, "Why doesn't Larry and Adam [Clayton] have cool names like the Edge and Bono?" Another curious fan wondered, "How do rock stars smell like?"

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