Exclusive: Boys Noize Premieres Ominous 'Alarm' for Hacktivist Film 'Who Am I'

Boys Noize, 2014.
Björn Jonas Photography

Alex Ridha of Boys Noize.

Hackers seem to be everywhere these days -- popular culture, politics, and probably within your online bank account.

The latest addition to Hollywood's obsession with the computer-savvy is the German film Who Am I -- No System Is Safe, a movie about a masked hacktivist collective. It's helmed by Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann who produced The Lives of Others, the 2006 Oscar-winning tale of artists living under the Stasi's monitoring in East Berlin.  

The trailer to Who Am features "Alarm," a song German DJ Boys Noize (a.k.a. Alex Ridha) composed for the film. "'Alarm' was the first attempt in making music for a movie only," he tells Billboard. "Now, I'm in love with the idea of creating a full sound-design and music for a movie someday." Check out the full track, an ominous creeper that disorients with distorted radio voices and a barely audible piano line, below. 

Ridha recently collaborated with polymath piano genius Chilly Gonzales for Octave Minds, a similarly cinematic LP that brings out the furthest experimental ranges of each artist.