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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about the Donnas, Judas Priest and more.


Hi Keith,

I've been a fan of the Donnas (and your column) for a while. What are the U.S. sales figures for all of their albums? I know there was a snafu in the first printing of the DualDisc of their latest album, "Gold Medal." Did that affect sales at all?


Bryan Chin

Hi Bryan,

There was some sort of manufacturing error with the DualDisc of the Donnas' "Gold Medal," but I don't think that it alone was the reason why the album has only sold 75,000 in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The set opened with about 13,500 in its first week in October 2004 and then quickly fell off the radar. The group never found a hit single from the set, and MTV didn't get behind it like they had with the group's previous album, 2002's "Spend the Night." To date, that set has sold 410,000 in the United States.

Here is the rundown of the balance of the quartet's albums and their sales to date: "American Teenage Rock N Roll" (1998, 32,000), "Donnas" (1998, 25,000),"Get Skintight" (1999, 58,000) and "Donnas Turn 21" (2001, 66,000).



I'm a huge R&B fan and I was wondering what happened to all the very promising 1990s neo-soul singers.

I would especially like to know if Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo, Eric Benet or Maxwell are planning to release any new material.



Hi Christos,

Lauryn Hill and Maxwell are aiming to release new material later this year, tut release dates aren't official yet for their projects.

D'Angelo was recently pleaded guilty to charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence of alcohol. He has been working on the follow-up to 2000's "Voodoo," but no release date has been announced.

Eric Benet has only made news in the past year when he and former wife Halle Berry divorced. The status of Benet's upcoming recording projects is unknown.


Hi Keith,

I've been reading your weekly column for about two years now! It is really enjoyable.

My question is about Judas Priest. They just started a headlining U.S. tour on May 30 and I was wondering how well their reunion album "Angel of Retribution" (with Rob Halford) has sold since it was released earlier this year.

I know it entered The Billboard 200 at a career best No. 13, but then it quickly fell out of the chart again (after just 6 weeks).

Has it outsold albums from their years apart: Judas Priest "Jugulator" and "Demolition;" Halford's "Resurrection" and "Crucible?"

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Christiansen

Hi Thomas,

Thus far, "Angel of Retribution" has sold 135,000 units in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That beats the to-date totals of both "Jugulator" (111,000) and "Demolition" (52,000), as well as Halford's "Resurrection" (66,000) and "Crucible" (38,000).

On June 3, Judas Priest visits Chicago, followed by stops in Detroit (June 4), Toronto (June 5), Buffalo, N.Y. (June 7) and Holmdel, N.J. (June 10). The current leg of the tour wraps up on July 10 in Phoenix.