The xx Label Calls Out Fashion Ad for 'Intro' Ripoff: Hear for Yourself

Catie Laffoon

The xx backstage at Coachella

Those sunglasses ain't gonna sell themselves, right?

The xx and their label Young Turks have been up in arms recently over an ad by the fashion brand Hugo Boss that sounds eerily similar to the first track off their 2009 debut, "Intro." Commented the label via Twitter, "as a firm built around original design, isn't it odd that you'd pay for such a poorly disguised fake." They also retweeted a fan who observed, "it's not even trying for a disguise. Same key, bpm, proportions, melodies…wow."

Check out the commercial, followed by the original, and see for yourself:

There is not yet an official word on whether Young Turks will seek legal action against Hugo Boss, so we'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Unfortunately, brands crafting sound-alikes to indie songs is nothing new. Check out Billboard's report from back in 2012, inspired by a Volkswagen ad that sounded suspiciously similar to a Beach House song.