Bush Figures Out How to Pay for Just Half a Video With 'The Only Way Out'

Bush, 2014
 Joseph Llanes

Bush is back with a new album, Man on the Run, due Oct. 21. And as Gavin Rossdale  and Co. gear up for their rockin' return following 2011 comeback album The Sea of Memories after a decade of dormancy, the band delivers a new video for "The Only Way Out" that'll have viewers going through some déjà vu. 

Exclusive Song Premiere: Listen to Bush's 'Man on the Run'

The three-and-a-half minute clip is heavy on production but light on narrative, running through reverse action of explosives and gratuitous PG-rated warfare that switches to play forward halfway through without ever really making a whole lot of sense. 

Rossdale's head keeps singing throughout the video, despite whatever time-shifts, though not as you might hope or expect. In the backwards-running section it's a video of his head on a TV screen while his real head (the one on his body, not TV) mouths unintelligible words, and then visa versa. It's real high drama with things blowing up, because as Robert Frost said, the best way out is always through. 

Watch it here: