Prince's Three-Hour Facebook Q&A Yields One Actual Reply

Prince, 2014
Courtesy Photo

Despite his usually prolific pace -- he's got 25 studio albums under his belt and just released two new albums -- Prince is not exactly tearing it up online.

After joining Twitter to much fanfare last year, he's mostly abandoned the platform since. But on Tuesday, there was new hope: The Purple One officially joined Facebook.

Prince's 2 New Albums Are a Mixed Bag

To celebrate his entry into the 21st century, Prince participated in a three-hour Facebook Q&A. Well, it was three hours long in that he waited three hours after it officially started to answer one question. After that, he swiftly fled Facebook.

So what one question was just so tantalizing that Prince couldn't resist answering it?

Dee J FoGee: "TRUTH .: Greetings my dear Brother... Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies??? Thanks in advance!!! Warmest regards, Emanuel..."

Yep, that's the burning question Prince deigned to answer. His response: "The Gold Standard," along with a link to an article explaining why music should be converted to 432 HZ, because it's the frequency best adapted to human ears.

So yes, a three-hour Q&A yielded a three-word response. But honestly, he brought out Kendrick Lamar later that night during his livestream, so who are we to complain?