Our 10 Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' Songs

Michael Bolton in the SNL Digital Short "Jack Sparrow."

Justin Timberlake clearly had his moments, but everyone from Michael Bolton to T-Pain helped give fans catchy -- and hilarious -- songs.

Maroon 5 will join Sarah Silverman on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Will the band -- or at least Adam Levine -- appear in a music-based sketch? 

Fans know there have been plenty of great spoof songs on SNL over the years (and many that are actually quite catchy). Check out 10 of our favorite (NSFW) recent SNL songs below as one perfect funny/weird playlist, and cross your fingers we'll get a fun addition to this list this weekend, with either Levine or Silverman. 

10. "Shy Ronnie"
Like fire and ice, Rihanna and Ronnie (Andy Samberg) are kind of opposites. But even though Ronnie can barely get a word out (or maybe because of that), we had this one on repeat for quite some time. Basically, until the sequel. 

9. "Jizz in My Pants"
The crass-but-hilarious parody tune was taken to another level by small details that elevated the entire joke: The call-out to paying by check, the mock-seriousness of Samberg, and, of course, a Justin Timberlake cameo. 

8. "I Just Had Sex"
At this point during the show's run -- deep into the Lonely Island years -- it was expected for a rapper to show up to guest on the goofy tracks (See: T-Pain). But Akon's joyful cameo was still a treat. Conquering the dumb-funny sweet spot that a majority of the Lonely Island-branded videos reside in, the tune -- full of endearing joy -- was one to remember. Like your first time. 

7. "Dongs All Over the World"
Why let the guys have all the fun? One of the best things to come out of SNL in the post-Lonely Island era is the spoof-nasty numbers -- led by cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon -- that both make viewers laugh and are really, really catchy. Go ahead and add this one to your iPod.  

6. "I'm on a Boat" 
One of Lonely Island's most popular tracks, this perfect send-up of the over-the-top excess in a typical rap music video was perfect. Also, this song introduced viewers to the phrase "flippy-floppies." Talk about making an impact.

5. "Creep"
Nicki Minaj: Great rapper, but also surprisingly funny. Her expertly over-animated face -- put to great use when she's spitting vicious verses -- takes on another life here, as she fully inhabits the role of a Creep. When/if Minaj is the musical guest on SNL this year, we're going to need to see more characters like this. 

4. "Dick in a Box," "Motherlover" & "The Golden Rule"
There are great cinematic trilogies like The Godfather, Jay Z's three volumes of The Blueprint, and then, on the same level, there's this trio of Timberlake-starring tunes. If you've ever watched SNL, or been on YouTube, you're well aware of these Emmy-winning gems. Watch the Mother's Day special -- co-starring a super-game Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson -- below. 

3. "Jack Sparrow"
Who knew Michael Bolton was such a major cinephile? This song may take the cake for most random celebrity cameo, but it also walks away as one of the most successful.

2. "(Do It on My) Twin Bed"
File under: Funny because it's true, and a holiday treat for us all. The women get down with their Pussycat Dolls-esque selves (with an assist from Jimmy Fallon!). Be sure to stick around for the awkward junior high photos. 

1. "YOLO"
Drake could never have predicted this would be the end result of his ubiquitous song and phrase. Nice one, Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar. It's the parody we all deserve for making #YOLO happen.