Thank Goodness! 'Gilmore Girls' on Netflix Uses the Same Theme Song

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham as Rory and Lorelai in the first season of "Gilmore Girls."
Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham as Rory and Lorelai in the first season of "Gilmore Girls."

For everyone planning to revisit Stars Hollow, great news: Gilmore Girls on Netflix uses the same theme song as on the network broadcast. 

Gilmore Girls is finally available to stream on Netflix beginning Wednesday, and it was unknown if the music might change -- other shows on Netflix, such as Dawson's Creek, use different music because of licensing rights. Luckily, a Netflix rep confirmed fans won't have to adjust to a world without Carole King's "Where You Lead" (or any of the other tunes employed on the show). 

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Listen to the theme song below -- and then call out of school/work. You've got seven seasons of Gilmore Girls to binge.