What's Up With Thom Yorke's Mysterious White Vinyl?

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Thom Yorke of Atoms For Peace performs during day 3 of the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas. 

Hey look, Thom Yorke is being all cryptic again.

On Sept. 21, Yorke took to his Tumblr and shared a photo of a mysterious white record spinning on a turntable. Considering Radiohead just began work on a new studio album, there’s speculation this could be tied to that project. But it’s a little soon for it to be pressed on wax already, right? Others have postulated this could be new solo music, music from Radiohead’s mobile app (which was recently updated), or music from his other project, Atoms For Peace. Or, you know, just some random record from his collection that no one has identified yet.

Radiohead to Begin Recording Ninth Album in September

It’s worth noting that Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich shared the image as well. That’s his tweet up above.

And what about that artwork the the background? It sure looks like the work of Stanley Donwood, the artist who frequently designs the covers for all albums involving Yorke.

Radiohead’s last release was 2011’s King of Limbs.