FCC's Tom Wheeler On Internet Regulations: 'Title II Is On the Table'

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Federal Communications Commission's Chairman Tom Wheeler addressed regulating internet providers on Wednesday (Sept. 17) during a meeting with the House Committee for Small Business about Title II.

FedScoop reports that Wheeler said that those internet regulations are still in play. "Activities like blocking or choosing one provider, fast lanes, degrading a service…all interfere with virtuous cycle," he said. "Do we use 706 authority or do we use Title II? We have asked for input on the Title II question. Title II is on the table."

The session was held to determine if the FCC is responding to the internet needs of individuals in rural America and those who run small businesses.

"It's clear that there must be an open Internet. That's what's necessary for small businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers," he said. "But communications carriers are investing $60 billion a year in infrastructure and we have to have that. We don't want to put in rules in place that would disincentivize companies from making that kind of continued investment."

He also added, “The [emails] I have most been interested in are from teachers and small business people,” Wheeler said. “I bring 30 years experience as a small business person, including the scars of my companies being denied access to networks. I am a fervent believer in open Internet.”