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No Address' Accidental Hit

While Florida's No Address has a top 15 single on Billboard's Mainstream Rock airplay chart with "When I'm Gone (Sadie)," they've done it without makeup, jumpsuits, marrying a supermodel or hopping on

While Florida's No Address has a top 15 rock airplay single with "When I'm Gone (Sadie)," they've done it without makeup, jumpsuits, marrying a supermodel or hopping on the music bandwagon of the week. This suits vocalist Ben Warren just fine.

"I never thought you needed a gimmick to get anywhere," Warren tells "I just thought you needed good music. It actually feels really good. Nowadays it takes a lot to get there. You almost have to be kinda gimmicky in some way to get [media attention]. That we didn't ever have to bow down to anything like that or become something we weren't feels great."

Making that success even sweeter is the fact that it's almost an accident the song made it onto the album in the first place. "When I'm Gone (Sadie)" was the first song No Address wrote as a band, and by the time they got around to recording their debut album, "Time Doesn't Notice," released in April via Atlantic, it was three years old, and the entire band was sick of it.

"One day we were in the studio, and our drummer was having an off day, so [producer] John Kurzweg told me to go in there sing with him," Lauren says. "So we played a few songs and I looked at my guitar player and said, 'Play "Sadie."' He smiled and started playing it, and the rest of the band said, 'No, don't play it!'"

The band persisted anyway, and afterwards, Kurzwel called the members into the studio and played them the song, which sounded "way better than we remembered it," Lauren says. "It was sort of a risk to put it on the record, because the label hadn't heard it yet. But when we finished playing the record, our A&R guy looked over at us and said, 'I think that's your first single.'"

"When I'm Gone (Sadie)" peaked last week at No. 12 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart, where it slips to No. 17 this week.

While "Time Doesn't Notice" is No Address' first proper album, their true debut has yet to be released. "We were about to release our first record when we got signed, but Atlantic owns it and has held on to it," Lauren says.

"The Rolling Stones' 'Exile on Main Street' is one of our favorite records ever, so we decided six or seven weeks before [signing that] we were going to do our own version of 'Exile,'" he explains. "We wrote and recorded 13 or 14 songs and made a record called 'Let It Out.' That's one of our proudest accomplishments as a band, and it's a dream of ours to one day release that. It's stripped-down, acoustic blues-country. It sounds even more raw and vintage than our current album."

After playing dates with Seether and Crossfade, come June 30 No Address will be on the road with 3 Doors Down and Staind (the full list of dates can be found at the band's official Web site). But even though they'll be playing arena stages instead of clubs, the band remains grounded.

"I want to tell you that we've earned it, and we have," Lauren says. "We've been working our asses off doing two and three shows a day sometimes, we'll do 14 shows in 14 days. We're killing ourselves out here as much as possible. We try to talk to all of our fans, and we'll go eat lunch with them, and we know them by name. The goal is just to reach people, to reach masses of people and communicate to them, I think that was the goal from the beginning.

"But it's humbling to think that we're not here because we had a grand master plan," he adds. "We're here because we decided to play a song that wasn't supposed to be on the album."