Run the Jewels' El-P Calls 'Meow' Kickstarter 'An Opportunity to Do Something Good in a Fun Way' (Update)

Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels
Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels perform at Dundas Square for North By Northeast (NXNE) 2014 on June 22, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

UPDATE: Meow the Jewels has been officially funded with only 10 days left!

A few days ago, Run the Jewels announced a number of just slightly ludicrous pre-order packages in support of their forthcoming LP, Run the Jewels 2. To name a few: "I'm on the F---ing List, Asshole" ($7,500) allows you entry plus one to up to 10 RTJ shows, "The Self Righteousness for Sale" ($350,000) stipulates that the El-P and Killer Mike will "spend six months pretending to care about whatever you care about," including traveling to events and even shooting a video in support of whatever PETA or Greenpeace cause you support, and "Meow the Jewels" ($40,000) will get you RTJ2 as composed with cat sounds.

Given our virtual society's preoccupation with all things cat- and kitten-related (and the fact that Kickstarter exists for our every whim) it's not all that surprising that someone created a crowd-sourced campaign for "Meow the Jewels." Much like the Kickstarter for Aphex Twin's unreleased album Caustic Window, in which the album was purchased via crowdfunding and mass-distributed, a fan who goes by -- you guessed it, Meow the Jewels -- has initiated a campaign to raise $40,000-plus for RTJ2 as performed by synthesized cat sounds. As of press time, more than $6,000 had been contributed.

Wait till you hear the best part: El-P and Killer Mike are totally behind it. On Tuesday night, the two took to Twitter in response to Meow the Jewels' recently launched account and announced that not only would they make the project, they wound donate the funds to charity.

This morning, El-P (real name Jaime Meline) announced that the charity would be the families of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, who both died during altercations with police.

Of his awesomely unbelievable predicament, El-P told Billboard: "i wrote the meow the jewels pre order package as a joke never imagining that anyone would crowd fund it (although secretly i think i hoped i could make the album). when i saw the kickstarter and spoke to the guy who started it i realized it was an opportunity to do something good in a fun way. from my end i intend to donate %100 of the proceeds that come to me to benefit the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. myself and the starter of the kickstarter campaign are working on figuring out where any other money made will go, but %100 will go to charity."

If you're a dog person, it might be time to reconsider.