Taylor Swift's 6 Best Tumblr Moments -- So Far

Taylor Swift, 2014.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Taylor Swift attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California.

I knew you were trouble when you signed on.

Red alert: Popular cheerleader Taylor Swift decided to wade in with the weirdos at the lunch table all the way on the other side of the cafeteria and took over her official Tumblr this week.

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Of course, Swift's image, music and quotes already dominated Tumblr, the inappropriate cousin of social-networking platforms -- a fact she quickly discovered when she saw a post that claimed "taylor swift is like that aunt that tries to be 'hip' with the young'ns and 'with the times' and then asks you what does bae stand for and after you tell her she starts calling everything bae even the lamp next to the couch." Which is an eerily accurate, hyper-specific way of summing up the public perception of TSwift. Her response? "HEY YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAMP NEXT TO MY COUCH AND I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT IT IS, IN FACT, VERY MUCH BAE. #YOU'RE RIGHT THOUGH."

So, yeah, Taylor + Tumblr is going to be Swift's best relationship yet.

But while the "I love lamp" comment alerted blogs she was at her most goofy on Tumblr, it's far from her first gem on the site. Just remember:

1. The time she announced her presence on the site by explaining she had no idea how Tumblr worked. (It is kind of confusing, to be fair.)

2. The time she co-opted creepy Gifs of her floating around the Internet.

3. The time she gave out her favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. (Fun, but Taylor, you're going to want to use Pinterest for that kind of talk.) 

4. The time she saw elaborate fan art of her cats, and instead of freaking out, she, well, freaked out, but in a good way: "My new phone lock screen, nbd." 

5. The time she totally nailed the concept of "shipping your faves" (which could easily be Tumblr's unofficial tagline).

6. The time she took selfies with her cat just like everyone else on the Internet. 

Not even a full week on the site, and she's already one well-placed Sherlock GIF away from becoming Tumblr's reigning queen. What a perfectionist.