Watch Ariana Grande's Big Brother Find Out His 'Big Brother' Fate

Cliff Lipson/CBS
Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, competes on CBS's "Big Brother." 

Frankie Grande finally met a problem he couldn't talk his way out of. 

The YouTube star -- and Ariana Grande's big brother -- was eliminated on the reality show Big Brother Tuesday night, coming in fifth place.

Although it was Frankie's big emotional moment, when he got out of the house (after throwing some glitter in the air), he couldn't resist asking how his sister's big summer was going. "Is she here? Is her album doing well?" he excitedly asked. (Fans can watch the full clip on 

Ariana Grande Knows How Frankie Can Win 'Big Brother'

Ariana, for her part, hasn't weighed in on her brother post-elimination (neither has Justin Bieber, who was also cheering for him), but earlier this week -- when it looked like Frankie was doomed -- she took a page from Mean Girls and wrote: 

After the show, The Hollywood Reporter asked Grande whether he stood by the decision to reveal that Ariana was his sister halfway through the game (when everyone was mad at him and he was likely going to be evicted). Grande replied, "Yes, I believe it paid off because timing is everything and the time I chose to reveal my true identity and who my family really is, was not only perfect but necessary. I had hit rock bottom and I knew that for me to continue on in this game, I had to do something drastic. I ultimately went from going home, to one of the last men standing."

Fans will see Frankie again next Wednesday when the winner is chosen -- and, fingers crossed, there may just be an appearance from "superfan" Ariana at that point as well.