Watch Singer-Songwriter Jeremy Loops Be a ‘Sinner’ in Exclusive Video Premiere

Michael Busse
Jeremy Loops

It’s all about firsts these days for Jeremy Loops. The South African singer-songwriter is getting ready to release his debut album Trading Change and just shared his first U.S. single, the rollicking, harmonica-laced “Sinner.” Billboard presents the exclusive premiere of the “Sinner” music video, which features Loops acting for the first time.

The video was shot at a nature reserve a couple hours outside of Cape Town, South Africa. “It’s a place I've been many times growing up, so being there to shoot a music video was pretty special,” Loops tells Billboard.

But the singer-songwriter and the rest of the team put in more work than you might expect. “We shot right through the night, only managing a few hours of sleep before the sunrise cliff scenes,” he says. “It was pretty scary running right up to the ledge time and time again, after so few hours of sleep!”

But thankfully, Loops and his co-star made it out safely, with a cinematic, storytelling video to go with “Sinner.” He also got to work with an old friend on the project: “The director is an old school friend of mine and it was our first time collaborating on a project like this, so we had to put our friendship aside and really get shit done. I loved driving that old vintage vehicle around for the day, too!”

Trading Change, Loops’ debut album, will drop during Jan. 2015 in the United States via YEBO Music. The LP reflects Loops’ time growing up in a small town in South Africa, and how he decided to pursue a career in music after graduating from business school and deciding a career in finance wasn’t for him. Expect plenty of guitar, harmonica, and, as his name suggests, loops pedal.