Def Leppard’s Phil Collen Gives 3 Tips for a Rock-Hard Bod -- at Age 56

 Phil Collen of the Def Leppard
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Guitarist Phil Collen of the Def Leppard performs live for a special YouTube event at the House of Blues Sunset Strip on June 6, 2012 in West Hollywood, California.

Guitarist Phil Collen quit alcohol 27 years ago and has since become music’s poster boy for fitness. He claims he can bench-press 380 pounds -- talk about heavy metal!

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen offers his three tips for staying ripped well into his 50s: 

1. Work Out — Twice: “On the last tour, I did kickboxing with Jean Carrillo, a European Muay Thai champion. Now I do weights in the morning and cardio in the afternoon -- spin or jump rope. On tour, I bring a heavy bag for boxing as well as a bench and dumbbells.”

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2. Skip Meat: “I’ve been vegetarian for 32 years and vegan for four. It’s the most important thing if you want to get in shape. Lately I’ve gone raw food. I recently had a raw pizza with avocados, veggies and bread with dehydrated onion -- an amazing taste sensation.”

3. Go Clean: “Back in the day we partied hard. I started blacking out regularly, so I quit. Once I stopped having hangovers, I found I had all these extra hours in the day. So I started jogging. I’m not a fan of jogging, but you notice changes. You feel alert. I feel better today than I did when I was 30.”

This story orginally appeared in the Sept. 20 issue of Billboard.