Did Paul Ryan Even Ever Really Like Rage Against the Machine?

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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEYear of Eligibility: 2017

Is it possible Congressman Paul Ryan never even liked Rage Against the Machine? After becoming the butt of jokes and feeling the brunt of Tom Morello's political rage two years ago when his supposed fandom was flatly denied, Ryan now claims the whole things was an "urban legend."

Here's what he told the New York Times:

"They were never my favorite band. I hate the lyrics, but I like the sound. Led Zeppelin has always been my favorite band. Again, these urban legends get going."

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In case you forgot the back story: After finding out Mitt Romney's former running mate was a Rage Against the Machine fan, guitarist and pronounced populist Morello wrote an op-ed piece for Rolling Stone stating, "He is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades. Ryan claims that he likes Rage's sound, but not the lyrics. Well, I don't care for Paul Ryan's sound or his lyrics."

Morello, a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, went on to criticize Ryan for his "rage" against "women… immigrants… workers… gays… the poor… the environment" and support for "the super rich."

"But Rage's music affects people in different ways," Morello admitted. "Perhaps Paul Ryan was moshing when he should have been listening."

Or perhaps he just thought he was listening to Led Zeppelin.