Taylor Swift Says She's Never Been In Love

Taylor Swift attends 'The Giver' premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on August 11, 2014 in New York CIty. 

Sorry, Harry Styles, John Mayer, et al: Taylor Swift says she's never been in love. 

The romance revelation comes from additional reporting courtesy of Rolling Stone's current cover story on the star. Looking back over her ex-boyfriends, Swift told the magazine, "Looking back? Not real love. Not the kind that lasts. I think that's still ahead of me -- which is really exciting."

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She also opened up a bit about the perils of Dating While Young and Famous. "You do feel a little bit like you got run over by a truck," Swift told the magazine about dating celebrities. "You'll be riding in the car with someone and all of a sudden it comes on the radio that he bought you a diamond ring and he's going to propose. And you look at him and go, '…that's not true, right?' And he says, 'No that's not true!' Can you blame me for wanting less of that?"

Swift says her current single status means, for now, Saturday nights involve her cat and Titanic. Psst, Taylor: Don't go getting any ideas with Leo.