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David Pajo

A Pajo By Any Other Name

PajoIndie rock institution David Pajo (Slint, Tortoise, Papa M) unveils a new project under his last name this week via Drag City. The set was inspired by the artist's move from Louisville to New York, which initially found him playing with the metal-influenced band Early Man.

"I hadn't played abrasive music in a long time and it was awesome," he says. "But I noticed when I came home and wanted to play guitar, I wanted to hear super quiet and mellow stuff. My roommate would usually be asleep so I'd have to sing really quietly to record ideas, and not wake anybody up."

The resulting music forms the bulk of "Pajo," a straight-up, stripped-down singer/songwriter album with shades of Elliott Smith, Paul Simon and Kings Of Convenience. "What appeals to me is the spontaneity of having an idea and being able to record it immediately," he says.

Fresh off a one-off spring reunion tour with Slint, Pajo is already moving on to a new, louder rock-oriented project tentatively named Dead Child.