Watch Paul McCartney & Johnny Depp's Half-Hour Blues Jam Session

When Paul McCartney released his "Early Days" video in July, fans were treated to Johnny Depp's third appearance in a Macca music video (after "My Valentine" and "Queenie Eye").

The clip was interspersed with footage of McCartney, Depp and a group of blues guitarists jamming together -- but since the song "Early Days" was playing for most of the video, we didn't hear much of what they were actually singing.

Until now -- McCartney just released the full 30-minute blues jam session on his YouTube page.

Honestly, it's kind of magical to watch the guitarists -- Roy Gaines, Al Williams, Dale Atkins, Henree Harris, Motown Maurice and Lil Poochie, per Rolling Stone -- trading licks and sharing lead vocals with each other and the former Beatle.

Depp doesn't do any singing, but McCartney takes on Carl Perkins' "Matchbox" (a song the Beatles covered) during the session. Watch the whole thing here: