Kanye West Reveals First Adidas Sneaker Coming This Fall

Christopher Polk
Kanye West performs at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY, November 19, 2013

Nearly a year after breaking up with Nike and hooking up with Adidas, Kanye West revealed his union with the shoe giant is about to birth its first child: The Yeezy III sneaker. Awww.

During his Thursday concert in Perth, Yeezus made the announcement during one of his patented mid-show sermons.

"We've been working hard and we got the new Yeezys and Yeezy III coming in November, and this is just the beginning," Kanye says in the clip, standing behind a podium while someone in his band tickles the ivories (the whole thing sounds very jazz lounge-y -- listen at the 2:50 mark). "This is something I want to create and do the rest of my life. A new beginning. A new story, a new chapter -- new laughter."

New laughter? Sure. So get ready for Kanye's hysterical new sneakers to drop just in time for the holidays.