Led Zeppelin Makes Fashion Statement With Paul Smith Scarf Range

Ian Dickson/Redferns

Led Zeppelin, circa 1975

Want to wear a piece of Led Zeppelin? That’s about to become a reality thanks to a partnership with British designer Paul Smith, who is developing a range of scarves inspired by the legendary rock group’s album covers. 

According to the Independent, a series of six limited-edition Led Zep scarves will go on sale from Oct. 23. Images of the Hall of Fame-inducted rockers’ first three releases (Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III) will be reinterpreted on some, images from the upcoming reissues of albums Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of Holy have already been jacquard-woven onto two further scarves, and a new design has been created for a sixth scarf. Each will enjoy a limited edition run of 50 and will be available at PaulSmith.co.uk and Paul Smith’s Covent Garden outlet in central London. Prices, though, haven't been revealed.

Led Zeppelin Reissuing 2 More Albums This Fall 

It’s not the first time Paul Smith has worked with rock ‘n’ roll history. The designer joined forces with David Bowie on an exclusive limited edition print t-shirt and a red vinyl album to celebrate the release of the artist’s 2013 release of The Next Day

Led Zeppelin Reissues Get A Whole Lotta Love At Private Listening Session

Led Zeppelin has been historically protective of their intellectual property, so this clothing deal comes out of leftfield.  The band only came to the streaming party when Spotify announced last December it had signed exclusive rights for Led Zeppelin's music. When a DVD package of the historic Live Aid concerts was released in 2004, footage of Led Zeppelin's notorious set (with Phil Collins on drums) didn't appear on the band's wishes.


Led Zeppelin’s fashion statement accompanies the reissue of the group's untitled 1971 fourth album -- everyone calls it Led Zeppelin IV -- and The Houses of the Holy from 1973. The releases come as single album editions, deluxe editions and as a super deluxe box set, which includes CDs, LPs, a digital download and an 80-page book with previously unseen photos from the group's heyday. Both releases drop Oct. 28. The band’s first three releases earned lavish reissues earlier this year.

In recent days, the group teased a previously unreleased version of Led Zeppelin IV's lead track, "Black Dog."