Snoop Dogg Dons Whiteface for... Some Reason

Happy Friday?

Following in the footsteps of Nick Cannon for the first time in his life, Snoop Dogg has donned whiteface for a series of Instagram videos.

Whiteface Snoop, who goes by the name Todd, is urging his fellow bros to sign up for a website called WhiteGuysConnect.com, which a quick Google search indicates is not real.

But let's meet Todd! Tell us a little bit about your interests, dude. "I like to paintball, crochet and do a little spoken word in my free time," Snoop-as-Todd says. "My bros want me to tell you about this new website White Guys Connect, where white guys look for fly single females to have a good time. Give us a call."

Whiteface aside, these videos have us a little confused. Why is it called "White Guys Connect" if it's about men meeting women? And why would Todd want us to call a website?

While Cannon went whiteface to promote an album, we have no idea why Snoop is doing this. It's either a promotional stunt, totally random, or just an excuse to use up all that white paint sitting around his house.