Watch Killer Mike Talk Ferguson on Fox News

Killer Mike, 2014.
Michael Schmelling

Killer Mike

Since writing a thought-provoking op-ed for Billboard about Ferguson, Mo., Killer Mike has appeared on CNN and, now, Fox News to talk about the ongoing tensions following the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Interviewed by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (aka onetime MTV VJ Kennedy), the Atlanta rapper's time with the conservative-leaning network goes quite smoothly (much better than when CNN interviewed Talib Kweli in Ferguson).

It definitely helps that Killer Mike knows his audience. Pointing out that his father was a police officer and he is currently a member of the NRA, Killer Mike reasons that police need to start being "part of our community, not just occupying our community."

Op-Ed: Killer Mike on the Problems Underlying the Chaos in Ferguson

When the Fox News anchors prompt him to address the racial implications of Michael Brown's death, he defers, saying the death of Michael Brown is just as much about constitutional rights.

"This is a constitutional argument. I believe this young man was killed before due process happened, and his constitutional rights may have been violated," Mike said. "If we, in the name of safety, keep being complacent and not showing outrage when constitutional rights are violated, eventually we will all end up in an occupied community -- and it wont just be the least of us."

Watch the powerful clip below.