Exclusive Premiere: Watch Wrongchilde (Kill Hannah's Mat Devine) in Creepy 'Slow' Video

Wrongchilde, 2014.
Courtesy of Wrongchilde


You might know Mat Devine as the lead singer of Kill Hannah, or perhaps from his grade A job of live tweeting the 2014 VMAs for Billboard:

But now his attention is on a brand new solo project called Wrongchilde, and Billboard has the exclusive premiere of the music video for his creepy, minimal track “Slow.” Check out the video below:

After six full-length albums with rockers Kill Hannah, Devine decided he needed to return to his songwriting roots and take a break from the “bureaucracy of the music industry.” So he set out writing dark, romantic songs for the debut album Gold Blooded (out Sept. 16), which was funded entirely through a PledgeMusic campaign.

First came the lead single "Falling In Love Will Kill You,” featuring Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance (and now solo) fame. For “Slow,” Devine and director Niko Sonnberger sought to craft a video twisted enough to match a song with lines like, “Sometimes I feel like a deer hit on the road and left to die slow.”

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In the video, Devine wanders the streets of Los Angeles and encounters a massive pillow fight, all while hiding behind the creepiest mask he could get his hands on.

"I pissed off the entire staff at Hollywood Costume, trying on every one, sending pictures of each to Niko,” the singer-songwriter tells Billboard. “This mask was all alone, kind of gross, possibly used, out of it’s packaging, tucked behind a rack. The minute I tried it on, we were like, ‘That’s the one. It’s only 11 a.m. and it's scaring the crap out of me.’”