Check Out Aphex Twin's Bizarre Cover Art for 'Syro'

Aphex Twin "Ayro" Album Cover
Courtesy of Warp

Aphex Twin "Ayro" album to be released in 2014.

After using a blimp and the deep Internet to tease his upcoming new album, Aphex Twin has unveiled the cover art and release date for Syro, his first new album in 13 years.

Syro will drop Sept. 23 via Warp -- just over a month away! That means we can probably expect to hear new Aphex music within the next few weeks.

The album cover art -- which resembles the data-rich track list Richard D. James unveiled on Monday -- is a thing of strange beauty. It lists various costs associated with promoting a record, from "Refreshments for NYC listening party" to "Outdoor postering in Berlin/Cologne/Hamburg and other cities" to "Postage costs for U.S. radio promotion rollout." So when you buy Syro, you'll know exactly what each cent you're spending helps to pay for.

The cover art is accompanied by a bizarre, hilarious press release, which refers to James as "the most celebrated and influential electronic fartist" and "Phex Twinnipicks." It also reveals that Syro (called "Syria" in the press release) will be available in "Triple vinyl, CD and digital formats…Bleep a very limited vinyl version you can register your interest in buying." Got that?