Foo Fighters Parody 'Carrie' in Brilliant Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Foo Fighters press image, January 2014
Steve Gullick

Just when you thought this whole ice bucket thing might have run dry, along comes the Foo Fighters with a genius take on the viral charity stunt.

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Paying homage to Brian De Palma's 1976 classic film Carrie, the Foos re-enact the infamous scene where Carrie gets a bucket of pig blood dumped on her after winning prom queen. Except in the Foos' version, Carrie (played by Grohl) gets iced by his prankster bandmates while the prom king (drummer Taylor Hawkins) gets conked in the head by the bucket.

Zac Brown Band nominated the Foo Fighters for the ALS fundraising stunt, and in turn, Grohl is challenging Carrie star John Travolta, Carrie writer Stephen King and Jack Black (who's actually done it already) to future ice bucket challenges.

Good call, Grohl! Travolta should complete the ice bucket challenge and nominate Idina Menzel next, giving him the chance to prove once and for all he can pronounce her name.