Taylor Swift Attempts to Explain Her Fancy Post-Gym Outfits on 'Seth Meyers'

Taylor Swift on Late Night
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Taylor Swift during an interview with host Seth Meyers in <i>Late Night</i> on August 13, 2014.

Taylor Swift knows you've seen those near-daily photos floating around the Internet of her leaving the gym in New York. Rather than staying in her workout gear, Swift always exits the gym full-glam -- makeup, dress, heels and coordinating purse.

When Swift stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday night, Meyers wanted answers! How is she doing this? Why is she doing this? Swift was deadpan in her evasion: "Doesn't everyone look like that?" Not exactly.

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Elsewhere in the chat, Swift explained her awkward awards show dancing, and dished on how she wound up at a fan's bridal shower a few months back. Watch below: