How Much Does Taylor Swift Appear in 'The Giver'?

David Bloomer/The Weinstein Company

Jeff Bridges and Taylor Swift in The Weinstein Company's <i>The Giver</i>.

Long live Rosemary?

If you haven't read the 1993 award-winning book the film is based upon, you'd be forgiven for assuming that Taylor Swift is portraying one of the most prominent stars of The Giver, which opened in theaters nationwide Friday (Aug. 15).

After all, that's her name on the poster, and in one of the clips, she's heavily featured (sitting behind a piano, natch). But after viewing the film, fans will discover that that's...not exactly the case. Swift -- following up her movie debut in Valentine's Day -- appears in just a few minutes of the film in the role of Rosemary, a previous Receiver of Memory.

Just how little was Swift is in the film? To the charts!