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R. Kelly

'Closet' Conversations

KellyOn his new album "TP3: Reloaded" (Jive), R. Kelly eschews the dance party/inspirational vibe of last year's "Happy People/U Saved Me" in favor of the sexually charged themes that first earned him musical notoriety 10 albums ago. While some may deem this a risky move given his current legal problems, Kelly delivers subtle and overt variations on the subject matter here.

Five tracks belong to the curiosity-piquing R&B hit "Trapped in the Closet." Brimming with suspense and unexpected twists (Kelly is discovered hiding in the closet with a Beretta; the married woman's husband is a minister), the song is sparking water-cooler talk and lively radio call-in discussions.

Snoop Dogg's signature, laid-back rap style perfectly complements Kelly and his roll-with-it groove on "Happy Summertime," one of the few songs where sex is not a key component. "Reggae Bump Bump" is a percolating track that practically screams remix. And while "Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend" is definitely about what you think it is, the truth-baring track finds Kelly admitting his indiscretion and admonishing himself for not respecting his paramour.