Danielia Cotton ft. Rachael Yamagata's 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)': Exclusive Song Premiere

Danielia Cotton (Photo credit: Chia Messina)

Sweet dreams are made of Eurythmics covers, from Marilyn Manson's grungy, simmering boil to Korean girl group Girls' Generation's medley of, ah, "Sweet Dreams" and "Get the Party Started" medley. Now, New Jersey jazz singer and guitarist Danielia Cotton has added her own version to the canon with pianist and violinist Rachael Yamagata

Taken from her upcoming covers album, The Real Book (out Oct. 21 via Cottontown) -- featuring versions of songs by Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, and the Rolling Stones, to name a few -- Cotton's "Sweet Dreams" is a blues-infused romp through a sawdust-covered saloon or a smoky speakeasy, orchestrated with tinkling pianos, surging strings and Cotton's soulful backing vocals.  

Of the song, Cotton tells Billboard, “The way that I approached the song is that it is about being used by someone. I took it to represent the importance of trucking through a situation even when you realize someone is taking advantage of you. You have to ‘hold your head up.’ The upside of situations like that is that you learn to be aware of people trying to use you and truck through it.”