Exclusive: Listen to Dirty Loops' Debut Album 'Loopified'

Dirty Loops
 Verve Records

Dirty Loops photographed in 2014 for Verve Records.

Your mid-week playlist need some extra pep? Check out Dirty Loops' debut album, Loopified, right here.

Famous for their online covers of Justin Bieber’s "Baby," Adele’s "Rolling in the Deep" and more, the Swedish group subsequently signed to Verve Records. Now, the trio's own 12-song album, executive produced by David Foster and Andreas Carlsson, can be heard on Billboard before it officially drops Aug. 19. 

Listen to the whole thing below, and check out what the band had to say about some of the tracks. 

"Me and Jonah met when he was 9 and I was 11 back at school," Bassist Henrik Linder tells Billboard. "At age 15 we met Aron. We were all session musicians and in 2008 we started Dirty Loops as a way to have a project where nobody could tell us what to do and we could try all our ideas and express ourselves to the fullest. 'Hit Me' was the first song we wrote, it was a regular pop song from the beginning. It was kind of the breakthrough song for us regarding the arrangement style of our originals and the perfect link between the new and the old Dirty Loops. 'Accidentally In Love' we wanted to go where we hadn’t been before and so we mashed everything in this electronic, gospel and Motown, it's everything on steroids. Every time you play this there will be something new to your ears."

"Every record needs a fire starter chorus," drummer Aron Mellergardh explains about the track "Die For You." "So we did this one Dirty Loops style! This is the one track that will break your grandpa’s stereo."

"There is a big difference of playing live, you get so much from the audience," vocalist Jonah Nilsson tells Billboard. "So much appreciation and energy. Of course this is why we made this record, so we can come out and play." 

Listen to the band "come out and play" on Loopified below: