Buckcherry Covers Icona Pop's 'I Love It': Exclusive Stream of 'Say F--k It'


The profane cover is part of the group's new EP-long tribute to the f-word.

Buckcherry is not f***ing around now that it's started its own label.

The Los Angeles quintet's new F#CK EP comes out Aug. 19 as the first release on the band's newly established F Bomb Records imprint. The set features five original songs built around the F-word, as well as a cover of Icona Pop's hit "I Love It," recast as "Say F#ck It." Listen to the profane rendition exclusively on Billboard.com:

"We've been doing what we want for a long time -- that's what makes Buckcherry special, and I think that's part of our charm and it's worked for us and also against us at times," frontman Josh Todd tells Billboard. "So why not do something that would be a record company nightmare and put it out for our first record (on F Bomb)? I was like, 'Man, let's make the 'Scarface' of rock 'n' roll records. Let's make the record with the most amount of 'fuck's in it and make a tribute to the word 'fuck,' but do it in a way that it's still a good piece of product and it's not silly. You could never do this on a major label, right? So I'm just glad we get to do whatever we want to do. That's what true rock 'n' roll's about, I think."

Todd says writing the songs for the EP was, well, pretty f***ing easy, and not at all limited by the concept. "I have no problem with profanity, as you know, so it was like, 'How am I going to do this in a way that's not cheesy?'" he explains. "There's so many ways that people use the word 'fuck,' and I want to capture that in a song … That's what I thought about when I was sitting down, writing lyrics."

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Todd says he first heard "I Love It" while driving his children to school and fell in love with it. "I love pop music," he says, "and I love the idea of challenging ourselves and taking a song that's not something people would think we'd cover and making it our own. I tweaked a couple of lines in it so it would fit the format of what we were doing, and because of that, it became a real problem as far as getting the song cleared. It took a little while, and finally they signed off on it and I'm so glad they did. It fits into the whole puzzle on the EP."

With F#CK ready to come out, Todd says Buckcherry is "already working on a new album," and he expects F Bomb will be delivering plenty of new product to fans in the coming years. "We want to put a record out (every) year, like they did in the 70s," he says. "I just want to start making 10-song records, nothing more. Ten songs once a year and just stay steady." The group has also launched on Singles Club through PledgeMusic, where fans can receive one cover per month for six months; releases so far include the Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden" and Minor Threat's "Small Man, Big Mouth."

And there's a Crazy Bitch sex toy line coming, too, according to Todd. "If you want to get a nice eight-inch or six-inch Crazy Bitch dildo, you can get it there," the singer notes. "We've got condoms. We've got packages for taking care of your tattoo and all that kind of stuff. It's just a whole line of things that fit with what Buckherry's about."

Buckcherry is currently on tour and will play 19 dates on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival Tour starting August 16 along with shows at the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Sept. 14 in Sacramento, Calif., and at the Louder Than Life Festival on Oct. 5 in Louisville.