Watch Country Star Brett Eldredge Celebrate His No. 1 Single...By Swimming With Sharks

Cue the Jaws theme song! When country singer Brett Eldredge recently celebrated his second consecutive No. 1 single, "Beat of the Music," he didn't just have a big bash. Instead, he went on a shark-diving adventure off the coast of the Bahamas.

“It is crazy. Some people think I have a death wish or something, but I love living life thing in an extreme way," Eldredge tells Billboard.

Before stepping off the boat where the sharks were circling near the reef below, Eldredge told his mom and family he loved them -- then took the plunge. “I stepped off, went down, and there they were. I started slowly and went fifty feet from the bottom where there are a lot more of them. Your heart beats a little bit quicker, and it was such a crazy feeling," he says. "They start to get a little closer to you, and they were all very curious. They almost sniff you out -- they’re not trying to attack you or anything. It’s like an alien world down there, but we’re the aliens."

For Eldredge, having gigantic sharks bumping into him was the ultimate adrenaline rish. "I was making best friends with sharks whether I liked it or not," the Illinois native says. "It was very intense. I’m addicted to it, and ready to get back down there."

Watch the video below:

Eldredge's shark sojourn came on the heels of his sky-diving jump out of an airplane when he first topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart for his single "Don't Ya." "The skydiving thing was the most intense thing I’ve ever done in my life," says the Illinois native. "When I jumped out of the plane, I didn’t know how much of a hurry I was to do it again, but shark diving was actually the most relaxing yet hands-on-the-edge feeling in the world -- both at the same time.”

For his next single, Eldredge is going the romantic route with “Mean To Me,” "a song that I started doing live, and I saw the reaction of the women in the audience," he explains. "I wanted to write a love song, but in a different way -- to tell her if I could mean half as much as you mean to me, then my world’s complete: 'If I could be the reason you’re hair’s a mess/The bass drum beating way down deep in your chest/If I could be the voice on your radio, then I could be your long ride home.’ It’s just all these special things in life that make you love life so much. I want to be that thing to her. I just love singing it every night. I have a special moment where I break it down with my acoustic guitar. I love that feeling.”

Should “Mean To Me” be a third straight trip to the top, what crazy thing will Eldredge do next? "I’ve got some ideas. I haven’t figured it out yet, but as much as my mom thinks I’m crazy for it, and would rather me do something safe like have a nice family dinner with a bottle of wine, I just love the feeling of living life. I just have a zest for life, and I want to experience it," he says. "Knowing my imagination, it will be something fun.”