'N Sync Just Dropped A Brand-New Album -- But No One Told The Band

Sony Legacy
'N Sync's "The Essentials" album released on July 29, 2014, by Sony Legacy

God must have spent a little more time on this album.

Does it count as "pulling a Beyoncé" if the album is so secret that even the band doesn't know it's being released?

Lance Bass was left confused when he was informed -- via Twitter -- that a brand-new 'N Sync album, The Essential 'N Sync, was dropping July 29. "I love when the record label doesn't even tell you they are releasing a new 'NSYNC album tomorrow ! #TheyCare," Bass tweeted, along with an Amazon link. 

The album, complete with a very 1998-looking cover photo (see above), was available on Amazon earlier this morning, but -- no real surprise -- now that it has generated some publicity, Amazon is out of stock of whatever small quantity of the new album it had. Clearly all 'N Sync fans realized that owning Essential 'N Sync might be as close as we're going to get to that reunion album.

The two-disc recording (check out the full track list on the Amazon page) doesn't contain any brand-new material, but does contain the standards that got you through high school ("Bye Bye Bye," "Tearin' Up My Heart"), as well as some rarely heard deep cuts such as "Somewhere, Someday." (Thank you, Pokemon movie soundtrack!)

'N Sync superfans, there may be a few tracks that even you haven't heard in a while. And the videos? Well, there's probably a reason they aren't in your regular rotation. Below, check out clips for some of 'N Sync's lesser-seen moments. Pre-teen you may have forgotten, but Essential 'N Sync never forgets. 

1.) "On The Line" from the On the Line soundtrack (Credited as: The On the Line All-Stars / Lance Bass / Joey Fatone / Mandy Moore / Christian Burns & True Vibe)

2.) "Best of My Life," from the original Germany release of 'N Sync

3.) "Believe in Yourself" off Sesame Street

4.) "More Than a Feeling," from the Germany release of 'N Sync

5.) "Here We Go," off 'N Sync

Have no fear; 'N Sync is once again here.