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Faith Hill

Fueling Faith's 'Fire'

FaithLeadoff single "Mississippi Girl" -- a countrified "Jenny From the Block" -- sets the tone for Hill's sixth album, "Fireflies," and signals a return to her country roots. The 14-track album showcases the work of no less than 24 songwriters, including fellow country artists John Rich and the Warren Brothers as well as Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter Lori McKenna.

Hill says "Mississippi Girl" expresses just who she is, a "very simple, approachable, nice, good person who just happens to have a big career. My career in the last four or five years has been amazing. I've had an incredible climb and done things that even I could never dream that I would ever do, but I have remained the same person."

The artist recorded more than double the 14 songs that ultimately made the album. But she says all the songs she chose for the final cut are "me in some kind of way." Among the cuts scuttled at the last minute was Hill's remake of the Jessi Colter song "I'm Not Lisa."

Hill agrees that she's hard on herself professionally, but says, "I hope it works to my advantage. Sometimes there's a point where you just need to let things go and I don't unless I really believe it's where I think it needs to be.

The expected next single from "Fireflies" is the sweeping power ballad "Like We Never Loved at All" on which Hill shares vocals with her husband, Tim McGraw.