HyunA Solidifies Her Diva Brand in Sizzling 'Red' Video: Watch

HyunA, "Red" MV

The "Gangnam Style" star brings her rapid-fire rapping, twerking skills and signature sexiness in the must-watch new visual

Since her K-pop debut more than a half-decade ago, HyunA has kept the Internet wowed with her unique rap and singing style, can't-look-away charisma and undeniable sexiness. Fast-forward to today, the 22-year-old has nailed three solo singles and on her fourth, she's keen to establish HyunA as a brand — and succeeds with the just-unveiled "Red."

The new single is a mash of electronic, hip-hop and pop. "Red" opens with an EDM-like buildup before moving into the snappy, hip-hop beat that sees HyunA rapping faster (and more impressively) than ever. She sings on the poppy pre-chorus before hitting the listener with the chant-like chorus. 

With many self-referential lines, the lyrics mostly make the connection that HyunA is, essentially, "Red" with the accepted notion of it being a strong, confident, sexy color. But when she sings on the chorus about how red is also the color of a monkey's butt, the metaphor gets a little weird — warranting a head scratch from the listener. 

HyunA truly shines in her accompanying video, that's already racked up more than a million views less than 24 hours after its release. Looking like Kim Kardashian at times, the Seoul native rocks a slew of sexy outfits from an all-red jumpsuit to a metallic bunny mask and at one point even wears a monkey in place of a shirt. In her collection of costumes, HyunA nearly nails the splits, spanks dudes in Speedos and showcases never-before-seen twerking skills.

But HyunA's charisma can't be topped when performing her "Red" choreography that sees her oh-so-comfortably moving through her dance moves and never taking the camera off her gaze. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus should take notes.

Thanks to her viral videos (2011's "Bubble Pop!" has 75 million views), co-starring role in PSY's "Gangnam Style" and important international promotions (she headlined a SXSW show earlier this year), HyunA's more than established herself as a global pop brand. While "Red" is undoubtedly her boldest move yet, it was, ultimately, one she couldn't afford not to take.